Hunt in Consolation: Thermacell and the Million-Mosquito Military

Mosquitoes can and can kill your motivation to hunt. However Thermacell may help you defeat them.

“Have enjoyable swatting skeeters.” That’s what my dad, a crusty previous deer hunter, informed me the opposite night earlier than I launched into my first early-season whitetail hunt of the yr. It’s late September right here in Kansas, and with loads of late-summer rain, a bumper crop of mosquitoes has descended upon the jap half of the state like Genghis Khan’s Golden Horde.

I’m unsure how the previous timers dealt with mosquitoes. I feel it’s truthful to say that numerous deer survived by way of September as a result of hunters simply weren’t prepared to endure the onslaught.

For these of us who can’t look forward to the primary freeze, there’s hope: Thermacell. The MR450 Armored Moveable mannequin ($34.99) is my weapon of selection in opposition to these insect creatures, which may sense exhaled carbon dioxide as much as 100 ft away.

Stopping the Swat

The Thermacell machine has three elements: a plastic bottle of butane, somewhat blue pad impregnated with mosquito repellant, and a housing that holds the bottle and pad.

A button on the housing sparks an igniter, which burns the butane and heats the pad. It takes a couple of minutes for the repellent to warmth up and work its magic.

As soon as it’s rolling, the mosquito-repelling impact is noticeable.

I take advantage of a Thermacell mannequin with an built-in clip that makes hanging it upwind and beneath me a simple process. I place the Thermacell beneath me as a result of the pad emits a skinny, wispy vapor that rises.

As soon as began, it makes a really slight hissing noise, however nothing too noticeable.

Thermacell for Turkey Season

On a late-season turkey hunt final yr, I arrange close to a creek mattress with standing water in an space out of the wind. It took about 5 minutes for the Thermacell to work its magic.

Within the meantime, I’ll have misplaced round a quart of blood to the particularly massive mosquitoes calling that creek their residence. As soon as warmed up, the Thermacell stored them at bay. I may see a wall of mosquitoes buzzing round about 5 to 10 ft in entrance of me.

I nonetheless took just a few bites for the crew, however it was nothing like it could’ve been in any other case.

Do Deer Scent It?

There are a few downsides to utilizing a Thermacell throughout deer season. One of many biggies is the odor.

The Thermacell doesn’t odor unhealthy — however it does odor. And if I can odor it, a deer can positively odor it.

On days with a light-weight however regular breeze, the vapor will get carried upward and downwind. I don’t know whether or not the odor spooks deer like human odor, however any deer downwind will know one thing is up.

They’ll in all probability odor you as properly, so I don’t fear an excessive amount of about this problem. I additionally hold my early-season looking garments segregated from my later-season garments till they’ve been washed in order to not cross-contaminate any odors (physique, Thermacell, or in any other case).

One other draw back is the warmth that may construct up after lengthy durations of steady use. It’s not sizzling, per se, however the platform the pad sits on does get pretty heat.

I often simply change the Thermacell off 10 minutes or so earlier than my exit and let it settle down earlier than it will get stuffed within the pack.

Not for Everybody, However Positively for Me

I do know some deer hunters, particularly these of the archery persuasion, that couldn’t think about bringing one thing to the tree that may add scent to their setup.

Personally, I put extra emphasis on the wind route and stand location, and I fear much less about smelling like nothing.

I want to take a look at it one other approach: If it will get you out looking extra typically, why not strive it? It may not be an possibility for each deer hunter, however you’ll discover one in my pack till the primary freeze.

Joel Mason is a “skilled beginner” hunter chasing whitetails and bobwhites within the Flint Hills of Kansas. He likes to fling flies when it’s not looking season and is a real small-game admirer and aficionado. He believes poison ivy exists to discourage morel hunters from discovering his secret spots.

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